Step To Order

We serve purchases for all regions of Indonesia. Either online or via telephone or e-mail. We will always try to provide fast and practical service.
Before making a purchase transaction, please register first.


Online Shop Using Shoping Chart

1. Please choose the product you want, you can choose from “Categories”. Or please search for products from the “Search For Product” column.

2. Once you have found the product you want to buy, please click “Add To Cart” to carry out the purchasing process.

3. You can check the “Shopping Cart/Basket” at any time via the menu at the top right. To view your shopping cart, you can also click the “View Cart”

     button. If you want to continue shopping again, please close the pop-up that appears or wait a while or you want to end shopping, please click the

     “Checkout” button.

4. When you click the “View Cart” button, you can add products or reduce the number of products. If you want to add or reduce, please just add the

     amount, then click “Update Chart” to refresh. To make the payment process, please click “Proceed To Checkout”.

5. You will be directed to fill in your complete address, if you have already registered, please just log in. At this stage please select a delivery courier.

     There is an additional Unique Code so that when the Customer transfers it will be confirmed by the ESBE system. Please transfer according to the

     total in the system. In this process you can choose to pay using “Bank Transfer”. After you have successfully obtained the Unique Code, please

     click “PLACE ORDER” then you will be redirected to the page below. Then your order process is complete and successful

6. After you have made the payment and transferred the specified nominal amount, please go to the “Payment Confirmation” Menu. So that the

    purchasing process is completed properly and correctly.


Then we will reconcile your transfer amount with confirmation of whether your payment is correct or not.